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Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Couldn't miss this one this year!

Hi everybody! I am home and the puppies are home and I am exhausted and starving. There is no food anywhere in my house, but I did have the foresight to put clean sheets on my bed before leaving, so one outta two ain't bad.

Here are a couple of things off the top of my head that I want to remember:

Addison has a king-sized bed in her room (I knooow), so when I visit, I sleep with her and my parents stay at a hotel. My job for Christmas morning was to try and stall Addison getting up until my parents arrived. So, anyway, I was lying in bed reading when Addison woke up. She rolled over and looked at me with wide eyes and fabulous bedhead and very softly whispered, "Did Santa come?" *clutches heart* I said I was pretty sure he had because I heard sleigh bells on the roof during the night, hadn't she heard them too? She said "NO!" in the most indignant voice, and it was adorable. If I live to be 100, I will never forget her asking me if Santa had come. It was my favorite moment of the whole holiday, just so sweet and adorable and innocent and hopeful. LOVE.

On Christmas Eve, my brother and Addison put out milk and chocolate chip cookies for Santa, which she was very excited to do. On Christmas morning she did first scope out her toys, but then she went right to the plate and was SO PLEASED to find it empty.

Later that day, my brother lamented that he sure wished he had a cookie, but that SOMEBODY had eaten them all. My mom was paying zero attention and asked who had eaten them. Addison was all..."Grandma! It was SANTA!" Absolutely precious.

Last night, we went out for Mexican food and my dad was playing that game where you put a knife under a napkin and then make it "disappear" by dropping it into your lap. (Do other families do this? I do not know. But it's my Dad's favorite trick for distraction during dinners out.) Addison was absolutely AGOG. She looked on the floor and under the plate. She had him repeat the trick a few times. Then, she turned and whispered into my ear, "Grandpa is magic." Yes baby, he kinda is.

Drew can talk now! And, though he refuses to say my name still (little stinker!) he adorably chases the dog saying "Coopah! Coopah!" (Cooper) and it is adorable. He also let me hold him while he took a nap and seriously, nothing is more stress-reducing than holding a precious sleeping baby with red hair and a dimple. *swoon*

AND. Addison DID wear the footie PJs and it was amaaaaazing, and I did get pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.

I also want to sincerely thank everyone who uploaded Christmas and holiday music. I downloaded ALL OF IT and ended up with almost 14 hours (!!) of themed-tunes. We listened to it on the entire drive to San Antonio, and then all the way home again, and never repeated a song. Incredible! It was so fun and really got us all in the spirit. So, thanks you guys! Dad asked where I'd gotten the music and I was all..."Oh, from my awesome friends!" *grin*

I am craving mashed potatoes , of which we had NONE over the holiday. I really want to make some, but my mom's recipe feeds an army, it's just too much for me alone. Someone is going to have to volunteer to come over and have mashed potatoes with me, ok?

Whose bright idea was it to turn down the heat while I was away? *shivers* More updating in the morning. Love you guys!

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