I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

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*wild eyes*

Today I am working on ALL THE FANDOM THINGS.

  • Announced the new schedule for the next salt_burn_porn round.

  • Announced the 2011 Big Bang Schedule.

  • Have been working on a Jared!handspam that is growing beyond my control. I've already got 26 pictures I can't live without and I've only been through my J2 folder so far. I haven't even OPENED the Jared Only pic folder. *flail* There already are too many pics for one post and I've barely even BEGUN.

    Suddenly I feel overwhelmed. lol

    One thing I wished existed, but does not, is an epub version of Lost and Found by mediaville, which I would like to reread on my Nook. SIGH.

    Also, annabeth has been teasing me with porny icons and I LIKE IT.
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