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♥ I have GOT to go to the grocery store today, the cupboards are bare (even for me). Problem is...nothing at all sounds appetizing. I don't know what to get! I'm going to make a quiche because I found a recipe that looks good, but that won't last a week. Any suggestions? (I'm vegetarian.)

♥ I truefax got a job rejection email this morning that included this:
We regret to inform you that another candidate has been chosen for the position. Our decision is likely to be disappointing to you, but you should not regard it as any reflection on you or your abilities.
Well thanks. That soothes the sting tremendously! *sarcasm* 0_o

♥ I have come to realize that I do not know how to find a job that isn't PR or library-related. I never heard from the temp agency, so I'm trying a new one today. I looked at craigslist but there was literally nothing. How else do people find jobs???

♥ I'd love to do some editing or maybe even some technical writing (I actually do have experience), but all the google-able-things seem uber-sketchy.

♥ But at this point, I'd do most anything if I could work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and someone would pay me and it didn't involve a freezer or a shovel.

♥ I'm in a crabby/grumpy mood but determined to turn it around as I have quite a long To Do List today. Will you help cheer me up? Anything goes...if it makes you happy, it probably will make me happy too. Please?
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