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I have finished every single thing on my To Do List for today, except going to the grocery store and finishing the Jared!handspam of doom. *high fives self*

Also, I successfully set up my new DVD player and Netflix streaming, all by myself. I feel quite pleased and accomplished as this project was scaring me, for no known reason. YAY!

Here's a laugh: Today I applied for a position online and they were kind enough to wait 42 minutes before sending me the rejection email. Laugh or cry people! Laugh or cry!

But what I'm really posting to talk about is that the other night I was lying in bed reading a book of Pablo Neruda's poetry and was so taken with some of his phrasing. (I also remember rei_c once telling me "That man knew how to use words.")

Anyway, this is all out of context and means nothing to anyone, but whenever a line would strike me, I'd text it to myself. They're too pretty to delete unshared.

(To clarify, none of these lines go together, it's just one line from one poem, one from another, etc.)

You look like a world, lying in surrender

Aim my road on your bow of hope

The morning is full

So that you will hear me, my words sometimes grow thin

I watch my words from a long way off

Sweet blue hyacinth twisted over my soul

How many stars are smashed in the pool

You were made of everything

Follow the road that leads away from everything

Marking the atlas of your body

I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees

I like for you to be still

Let me come to be still in your silence

You hear me from far away, and my voice does not reach you

In your life my infinite dreams live

The night is starry and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance

I made the wall of shadow draw back, beyond desire and act, I walked on
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