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Sunday Recs: Two J2 + Three SPN + One Misc.

I got up at the crack of dawn today to get to the pharmacy before the weather turns freezing and the rain turns to ice. I hate winter. SIGH.

But I have returned and am safely ensconced back at home, in flannel pajamas, with Starbucks (and prescriptions).

Now fic, yes?

  • A Bright And Golden Streak of Land by gretazreta --(Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 16,500 words) -- Jensen Ackles works as a lifeguard on California's Sonoma Coast. It's more than a job to him: since a tragedy a year ago, it's the only thing he lives for. That is, until he rescues Jared Padalecki, a marine biologist on a mission.

    There are so many things about this fic I love -- strong, believable characters, watching Jensen fall in love with Sadie and Harley, the atmospheric setting, the gorgeous writing, a plot that sticks with you, watching the boys come together and become themselves...I could go on, but I won't. Just read it!

  • Jared Padalecki's dimples by radiophile -- PICSPAM!

    In conclusion: Jared Padalecki's dimples. (Sometimes I just like to remind you.) YES!

  • Blood Moon by tryfanstone -- (Sam/Dea, NC-17, 29,500 words) -- Werewolf fic. With demon. Oh, and there's a book: of course there's a book. The Impala seems to have slunk in there as well. Don't think anyone drinks tea, it's not really the right fandom, but there are at least a couple of bonfires, some beer, and a little more bourbon than strictly necessary.

    Claiming, bonding, a story I did not want to end...this fic is fun and hot and well-written. Awesome!

  • Matchmakers by selecasharp -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 5,230 words) -- It's Sam's birthday, and Dean's determined to get him laid.

    This fic has kissing descriptions that make me CRAZY inside.

  • return to me by geckoholic and ash48 -- PICSPAM!

    Watching the emotional disconnect between Sam and Dean this season has made me think about the times the boys have been separated in the past.Even though they are physically together at the moment, it feels like we are still waiting for their "happy" reunion, still waiting for them to be together again. Their separations and consequent reunions are one of the driving forces in the show. By examining their relationship track record through the seasons, we can see definite hope for their future as the Winchester brothers always seem to find their way back to each other.

    I also am really enamored with this Up-style Wedding that caithream linked. It is amaaaazing! I sort of want to live in that world a bit, to be honest. Look at the wedding pictures, but also be sure to check out the two sets of engagement pictures linked at the top too. Not to be missed!
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