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Happy MLK Day!

Here, have some music, to celebrate:

  • Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder
    just because some cannot see, the dream as clear as he, that they should make it become an illusion, and we all know everything, what he stood for time will bring, for in peace our hearts will sing, thanks to Martin Luther King

  • Pride by U2
    early morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life, they could not take your pride

    Friday I visited a buddy and we had a divine lunch at La Madeleine (I want to BATHE in that tomato basil soup) and then watched Julie & Julia, which was delightful.

    Saturday I went to the symphony, which was amazing. Here is what they played. I love any excuse to be downtown at night and it was fun to see all the people dressed up and happy. Bass Hall is a gorgeous venue, so that's always nice too. The first piece was my favorite, fast paced and exciting. Not to be dramatic, but I teared up at one point, it was just so striking. The middle piece also was gorgeous but it was about 90 percent a cello solo. Nice, but not at all the same as listening to the full orchestra perform. The soloist had this long, shaggy hair though, and when he'd get really into it, that hair would be flying everywhere. It was weirdly hypnotic. Anyway! It was a fun and relaxing evening, and cool to do something a little different.

    And then, yesterday I visited my BFF and watched her kids for a couple of hours while she and her husband did work and took down the Christmas tree. We had mint chocolate chip ice cream, I got to referee a fight about who could sit in my lap first, and possibly, I trounced them all at Candyland. MWAHAHA.

    Today I am having lunch with a couple of my library buddies, who I adore.

    Lots of fun things! Also, I am beginning to feel like a human being again, which is nice.

    I read something the other day about a woman who was job searching and she mentioned that she had been able to use a lot of creativity in her quest. I don't know why exactly, but that really resonated with me. Especially as one of my major personal goals for this year is to allow myself to be creative. So, I've been thinking about that for days and came up with some new things to try and I'm really excited about them. They might work, they might not, but just having new ideas to TRY, is exciting and motivating.

    Anyway, now I must run. My computer keeps freezing up and frankly, I'd like to poke it right in the EYE. In the meantime though...lunch! SO LATE.
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