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today's adventure

Today I made homemade biscuits, from scratch! They turned out SO GOOD.

I called my mom to brag, (Wendy: It was so EASY! Mom: I know!!) and was telling her about some of the changes I made to the recipe (namely, rolling pins are for suckers) and she started telling me about her mom's recipes.

My Grandmother was an AMAZING cook. She just could do anything in the kitchen. But by the time I was a young child, she was already elderly and alcoholic. My Mom has said many times how much she regrets not learning how my Grandmother made things, not learning her recipes, etc. She just wasn't interested in it until it was too late.

Anyway, Mom was telling me that whenever I cook, I should write my changes onto the recipe so I'll have it for next time. I was just kind of...*handwave* I'll remember. Then she got sort of serious, and was like, "No, Wendy. Write it down. Pretend it's your legacy for Addison. Just don't LOSE the knowledge, because once you're gone, it's gone too."

And so, OK. I agreed. Later on, I was thinking that instead of making notes on recipes, I really need to re-write them. I've done this many times when sharing recipes on LJ and it always is fun to me. It also makes the recipe into more of a story, as well as making it more mine.

I WONDER...maybe there's a cookbook in it? I have so many complaints about nearly every vegetarian cookbook in existence, it would be awesome to have one done right. The Lazy Vegetarian, or some such? (One of my THINGS is that I cannot stand recipes that are complicated for no reason. I'm basically lazy, so my first step always is to figure out a way around any recipe steps that are intimidating or complicated.) I have no idea how to go about it, or if there's a market for it...it's just kinda fun to think about!

For the record, I did NOT eat all that's on this plate. I took one from each layer of the pan so I could see if they'd cooked all the way through. And they did!

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