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jooniper_pearl and velithya asked for my biscuit recipe (which are not cookies, FYI!), so here it is:

Inspiration Biscuits:

Mix two cups all purpose flour, one teaspoon sugar, one tablespoon baking powder, one teaspoon salt, and eight tablespoons of cubed, cold butter (aka one stick). If you have a pastry blender, use that to cut the butter into the dry mix. If you don't, a fork will work too, though you may have to ice your wrist after!

Keep going until everything is blended and the mixture resembles the texture of cornmeal.

Make a well in the middle of the flour mixture. Slowly add the three-fourths a cup of milk, one fourth-cup at a time. Knead the dough with your fingers to blend. You need the heat from your hands to make the dough work, so really use your hands, not a spatula. (Whenever I bake anything that requires dough, I always panic and think "this is never going to solidify!" but it does, and it will, so just keep kneading until all the milk is added and you have what clearly is dough.)

At this point, the original recipe says to roll the dough out to the desired thickness on a lightly floured surface and to cut it with a biscuit cutter. Then, butter the bottom of a skillet and put the biscuits in there. Bake for twelve minutes at 400 degrees.

I, however, have neither an iron skillet nor a rolling pin, so I just sprayed a pie plate with cooking spray and then pinched off lumps of dough, rolled them into circle-ish shapes, and placed them into the pan until it was full. I got about 18 biscuits, though the recipe claims to make three dozen.

Because of the increased thickness (and my craaaazy oven), I cooked them for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. When they're done, the tops will just be barely starting to brown. Anything beyond that probably is burned and burned biscuits are no good!

Eat 'em hot! My preferred method is with honey and butter, but they also would be stellar with jam, or with my mom's homemade white gravy.

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