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more about me than you ever (ever) cared to know

Here are the answers to the "do you know me" poll I posted the other day...

  • What have I had for breakfast every day for the last four years?

    Tea and toast! I used to drink a Starbucks latte every morning, but when I quit working full time, I gave it up.

  • I have two dogs. They are named:

    Maximus and Valkyrie (aka Max and Val)! Max is named after Maximus in the the Gladiator movie, and Valkyrie is named after the female warriors in Norse mythology. I named neither of them, for the record!

    Bear was a dog my parents had when I was in high school, Lily is their current dog, and Cooper is my brother's dog.

  • I am completely in love with my amazing niece and nephew. Their names are:

    Addison and Drew! LOVE!

    April is my SIL, Danny is my father, and Jordan is my BFF's oldest son and Addison's future husband. Though Jordan does call me Aunt Wendy, we are not, technically, related by blood.

  • I have been on LJ for nearly ten years. During that time, I changed my username:

    I've changed it once! Crazy, right? My original username was wedd, which, cleverly, was my initials at the time. After my divorce, my initials changed, so I changed my username too.

  • Which of these jobs have I never done?

    I never worked at Starbucks!

    I got my masters in library science in August 2009, and have worked off and on in libraries since. I'm currently unemployed, but looking for a librarian job. I did public relations for 14 years before quitting to go back to grad school. I briefly was an ice cream scooper in high school, ofenjen got me the job! And, I worked as a newspaper reporter for two years during college. My BA is in Journalism, and it was required for the degree.

  • Where do I live?


  • Which community do I NOT mod:

    I do NOT mod sn_slash.

    I DO mod: cw_rps, salt_burn_porn, spn_j2_bigbang, spn_meanttobe and spn_themes.

  • Which if the following do I NOT collect:

    I do NOT collect teacups or foreign stamps.

    I DO collect elephants, peace signs, cool quotes, awesome memories, and rainbows...among other things.

  • One of the things people are shocked to find out about me is:

    I'm actually rather shy in real life. It's true!

    I'm rather annoyed no one thought I was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school. Screw all y'all! *grin* I only lost by two votes!

    Also, I have been in about a million car accidents. I wasn't a great driver in high school, ok? But more significantly, I've been in two accidents where the car was totaled. In the first, I was not driving but we t-boned an 18-wheeler in an ice storm. Then, three months later, I rolled my Camaro off a bridge and submerged in under water. Yeah, really scary. I still have nightmares.

    And, here are the things you wanted to know:

  • Why are you vegetarian?
    In 1991, I was just starting college, and discovered that my deodorant was tested on animals. Now-a-days this is old news, but back then, people didn't really talk about stuff like that, it was just barely starting to come to the forefront of popular conversation. Anyway, I did some research on animal testing, which led me to discovering the ways in which animals used for food are raised and slaughtered. I decided right then and there to never give another dime of my money to that industry.

  • What's your favorite movie?
    Stand By Me.

  • When am I going to get to see you?
    SOON I HOPE! I miss you bunches!!

  • What do you want out of life in the big picture?
    To be happy.

  • What's your favorite flavor of ice cream and/or your usual drink at sbux.
    Chocolate chip and a grande latte.

  • How did you get into fandom?
    This is a longer story than I want to go into here, but basically I got obsessed with Harry Potter, discovered slash, and the rest was history!

  • What is your opinion (in detail) about J&J and what surrounds them.
    Well, clearly I love Jared and Jensen and think they're pretty amazing. I'm so grateful for all their existence has brought into my life. (Not really sure if you're looking for a response to something specific here...)

  • Spicy foods! Yes or no?
    Absolutely NO.

  • How are you so awesome?
    Because I have amazing friends like YOU to inspire me every day.

  • If you could live anywhere other than Texas, where would it be and why?
    I never would live anywhere other than Texas, because this is where my family is.

  • How many places have you lived?
    I've always pretty much lived in the DFW-area of Texas.

  • What drew you to LJ in the first place?
    I had tried many times to keep a paper journal and never stuck with it. I really liked the idea of something online (so cutting edge at the time!!) and, here we are!

  • Do you have any major regrets?
    Oh, I regret a lot of things. I regret getting married, I regret getting divorced. I regret gaining weight, I regret not saving more money. I regret not spending more time with the people I love.

    I think regrets are an important part of dealing with mistakes and becoming who you are. People who refuse to have regrets are in denial about their own lives.
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