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everywhere I go I'm gonna have my own theme music

I lovelovelove that Blindfold claims are everywhere this morning. Is it weird that I want to friend the WORLD? *twirls in glee*

Am having yet another busy but super productive week. I like it!

Small victories for yesterday:

  • Walked two miles without stopping.

  • Completed one of my online teaching classes. (Ethics: excruciating and interesting at once.)

  • Picked up two DVDs from the library. (Both recommended by tjournal, who is my goddess of all things Movie Related.)

  • Found a book focused specifically on publishing cookbooks.

  • Called my thyroid doc about the heart palpitations.

  • Finished reading Moon Over Manifest, which was the 2011 Newbery winner. Excellent book. I was surprised as is it isn't the type of storyline that normally is my ~~thing.

  • Slept like the DEAD.

    Thursday I have an interview, which is very exciting and for a position I'd LOVE to have. On the other hand, it's the job I previously mentioned, which I am not really qualified for. During the interview, I have to make a 20 minute presentation on an assigned topic, which I know NOTHING about. Sigh! I'll figure it out, just...feels a bit like an ill-fated venture already, you know?

    So anyway, I'm working on that today. I also will be trying to clear out my email and clear off my desktop, so expect lots of spam!

    Oscar noms were announced this morning. Thoughts?

    Keep posting those Blindfold claims!! ♥
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