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Whooboy it is a grey, nasty day outside! We're getting even more snow and ice and I DO NOT WANT IT. I really need to get out and run a couple errands today too. We'll see. They didn't cancel school, so I expect the roads are clear despite the grossness outside.

All I REALLY care about, of course, is being able to get out tomorrow because that is when I'm leaving for sunny California! WOOOO. This should be the last of Texas's winter weather and I will be glad to escape it for a few days. When I return, it'll be back to sunshine again!

I'm clearing off some links and pictures and such I have to share with you, so....here we go!

Last week US Weekly ran a little blurb saying: "On January 29, New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight confirmed that he is gay."

While I don't think this necessarily is huge news (Knight himself is quoted as saying: "I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay"), I do think it's cool that he's saying it. One of the major reasons NKOTB broke up to begin with was because of Jon's massive panic attacks. So, it makes me happy that his health and life are in a place where he can BE open about this topic.

Here is a copy of Jon's official statement. Class act, in my opinion.

One of my goals for my Year 38 was to take an artistic picture that I was proud of. This might be it, we'll see.

(Taken via my iphone, so quality is fairly static.)

Yesterday, my parents and I went to a special presentation that the University of North Texas planetarium put on. Parts of it were fascinating and parts were boring. But, I looooove going to Denton with my family. My dad got his doctorate at UNT, and I was in fact born in Denton. We moved when I was four, but I went back to get my BA there (my MLS too, but I commuted for that so don't really feel attached), and lived in Denton for four and a half years. We just have a lot of shared family history there, you know? It's fun.

But the BEST part of the night was that we ate dinner at this little hole-in-the-wall Italian place and it was spectacular. *moans in pleasure* So good. And then, we went to this fabulous used bookstore on the square, which has been there for, I don't know, forever. Since I was in high school at least. It's amazing.

ANYWAY. I was flipping through a PostSecret book and ran across this and thought fandom would identify:

So then, unrelated to anything at all, how about some inspiration?

Phew! Now, what did I miss on YOUR end?
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