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leavin' on a jet plane

Woke up happy and feeling fairly well. YAY! The roads are totally clear, so that makes me happy too. I just need to eat and finish packing and get the dogs to the kennel and then? I am off for the airport, sunny LA, fangirls, and my faaavorite hot boys. DOUBLE YAY.

But first I have a hankering to re-read dragonspell's Dragon Rider fics because...hello, YUM.

Any other suggestions for re-reads to give me pretty mental images while I doze on the plane will be cheerfully accepted!

I do plan to tweet a bit (@wendy_d) from the con, but I'm a sporadic Twitter-user normally, so... UHM. I will do a real con update here on LJ Tuesday, probably with lots of out-of-focus pictures included!

OK, sorry this is so scattered. I seriously am hyped up and excited for this trip.

Off for fic times now!
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