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LA Con 2011: My Photo Opps. and Autograph Stories

The photo opps with Jensen were taken directly after the breakfast, and the only thing on my mind was that amazing story he told about his dog. After our pic, I paused for a second and told him thank you for sharing it, and that it really meant a lot to me. He expressed his thanks too and basically said, "It's the right thing to do." I mentioned I had dogs who also needed a lot of medical care, so I got where he was coming from. Looking totally serious, he said, "That's wonderful. It's just, important, you know?" I said I did and squeezed his wrist a little and said thank you for coming and left.

The whole time we were chatting, he was looking me straight in the face and just being very intent and focused. It was a really, really nice moment.

I have wanted for years now to take a two-handed hug picture with Jared. But then I get near him my brain shorts out and I never ask. So, this year I was determined. When it was my turn I walked up and he reached out for me. I pulled back a little and said, "Can I do a two-handed..." and kind of held out my arms uselessly. Jared said "Of course!" and grabbed me up tight. It turned out AWESOME! Honestly I have no real memory of it, just "Of course!" and then I was in the hall, haha. But still! Awesome pic. I love him a lot, in case you were unaware.

For our duo pic, annkiri was in front of me in line, so when it was our turn, she walked out and the boys immediately grabbed her and put her in position. She was like...no,no, there's more! And I was all, "Hey! Me too!" and literally smushed myself under Jared's arm. *facepalm* This also went too fast, but the guys were very gracious.

I had a BLAST with photo opps this year. The guys were in great moods and just seemed really into it, which made for a great experience.

OK, autograph stories!

I fear that I really can not do the Jensen story justice in type. If you ever see me in-person, ask me to act it out for you -- it's worth it!

I asked him what the weirdest thing a fan ever asked him to sign was. He got wide eyes and was like, "There has been some strange stuff, for sure." He appeared to really think about it for a second and then said that he thought it probably was a plain white card. I'm sure annkiri and I both had HEH? looks on our faces, so he went onto explain that she wanted his autograph so it could be made into a tattoo. He did this adorable "Really? Do I have to?" whimper and then mimed a cross between a grimace-face and a fake smile, mimed half-ass signing the sheet and then pushing it over with one finger. Y'all. It was HILARIOUS. I was like, "Yeaaah, that IS creepy." And he said, "I KNOW!" and then I thanked him for coming and moved out of the way.

Jared, oh Jared! I said this, exactly: "I am absolutely obsessed with Words With Friends and heard you are too. I think we should play!" He laughed adorably and said that, to be honest, he thought he was going to delete it. He was like...I just have so many scripts and things.... I said, "Too distracting?" And he said, no, it wasn't that. It was just that he was becoming THAT GUY, the one who always was on his phone and THAT GUY is annoying! I was dying laughing, thanked him for his time and moved on.

But, I still think Jared and I should play some WWF! (Dear Universe: Make that happen.)

I also got Genevieve's autograph. I had everyone sign the Season Five companion book, which turned out to be a terrible idea. (Dear self: Do better next year.) Anyway, I just opened it up to the table of contents and said she could sign anywhere.

While she was writing, I mentioned that I'd seen the magazine article about her wedding and that her dress was AMAZING. She got this adorably sweet look on her face and said thank you. I went on that what I *really* was flipped out about were those AWESOME pink shoes she wore. Her whole face lit up and she started telling me all about them and who the designer was. (I don't remember, I'm sorry.)

At this point, annkiri elbowed me a little and said, "Look what she's writing."

It was this:

Genevieve looked up all concerned and said, "I hope that's ok..." I said of course it was and that I was a Sam Girl too! She looked so proud and was like "Awesome!"

It was just very adorable and sweet and genuine.

All in all, I had an amazing con, so glad I got to make these memories! All the stars were kind and wonderful and into it. And I also got to hang out with a zillion fans, which always is a positive in my book. Nothing rejuvenates or inspires me like time with fangirls. ♥

Can't wait for next year!
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