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It's so depressing when authors I love write pairings I don't care for. I know that's entitled behavior and that people are allowed to write whatever they want. But still. It sucks to get excited for new fic with an awesome premise and then see the pairing and be all...oh, never mind. It's disappointing.

Also, disappointing is when someone writes the character I love most as a complete jerk. Not a redeemable jerk, not a lovable jerk, but like....the butt of some inside joke. I don't GET it. (This also is the way I feel when the RPS women are continually written as bitchy jerk assholes -- how does this pass as characterization?? If I had friends who behaved that way, you can be SURE they wouldn't stick around for very long. But no. In fic, those types always are ~~hilarious and much loved. DO NOT GET IT.)

AND. If you require that I complete X number of online classes it would be SUPER if your site was UP more than it was DOWN. I had hoped to complete about half of those lessons before I start work again but you are SCREWING ME.

WTF Congress? You RENEWED the PATRIOT Act extension??? This should chill US citizens to the BONE and yet, no one seems to care at all. (Dear Congress and Obama: Please do SOMETHING that isn't stomping on personal rights or destroying the education system. You're making it impossible for me to defend you.)

AND. Dear H50: I do not want to feel sympathy for the bad guy. Frankly, it just ruins my afternoon and leads to rants like this.


Upsides? Today is CPK with the Fort Worth fangirls (goat cheese and roasted pepper pizza will be MINE ALL MINE.)

I texted a friend that I was thinking about her today (which I was) and she responded that I had been on her mind too. ♥

Re-reading everything KA Mitchell ever wrote and it all is amaaaaazing.

Max is in super-snuggle mode! It's my favorite of all the Maximus puppy moods.

Anything you need to get off your chest? VENT IT TO ME.
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