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tell me about it, stud

Man, it has been a crazy week! Just jam-packed with activity (also one day where I was depressed and spent eight hours in front of the TV feeling sorry for myself -- but let's not dwell on that, ok?)

Today I am going to spend the day with a buddy and then tomorrow? Tomorrow I start work again! Yaaaay! I know from experience that it takes me awhile to figure out time management again, so stick with me ok, y'all? LJ makes me sane, so...don't leave me while I'm sorting stuff out again!

In other days, I've been mainlining original slash lately. I don't even know what's up with that! I'm in love with K.A. Mitchell, enjoyed a lot of Marie Sexton, and have two Heidi Cullinan books waiting on my Nook. Bliss!

Do you have any other author or title suggestions for me? I don't want to know everything you ever read, but if something was STELLAR, rec it to me! I don't want to miss the good stuff!

On the flip side, what I AM missing is fanfic. I'm trying but just can't ever seem to get caught up. On the other hand, that's a pretty nice problem to have, you know? TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS is better than having nothing left.

UHM. What else?

I was thinking there should be chat during the Oscars. Is anyone doing that?

Okokok, I gotta run. Y'all tell me good news and exciting things and happy thoughts. I'm working all weekend, so we need to catch up NOW. Give it to me! *makes grabby hands*
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