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March Goals

I pretty much bombed on my February goals. Alas. There are lots or reasons and lots of excuses, but every day is a new chance to begin again, so let's just focus on that instead.

Here are my goals for March:

1. Make the most of my time at the library. Learn new things. Look for opportunities to take on new projects and responsibilities. Look for ways to be creative. Look for projects I can talk about in interviews.

2. Smile at the people no one smiles at, make eye contact, give literal pats on the back, share kind words, treat the people I see every day the way I expect to be treated (ie. kindly, and with respect and dignity).

3. Walk. Find a way, make it happen.

4. Pack my lunch every work day this month.

5. Reach diagnosis. (Appointment is March 31.)

6. Continue creative job searching for a full-time, permanent spot.

7. List some junk on ebay. It's all ready to go, I've even taken pictures! I do not know why I always balk at this process.

8. Read three actual books. Not just fic!
-Grimm Legacy
-Cryer's Cross
-Anna and the French Kiss
-Here Lies Bridget
-Water Wars
-The Sharper Your Knife

9. Have an awesome visit with annkiri. Convince her to stay forever.

10. Complete: three in-person teacher classes, four online teacher classes, and 20 hours of my field-based experience.
In-person: March 1, March 22, March 29
Online: March 4, March 4, March 9, March 23, March 23
FBE: 12 hours

Tah-dah! What do you think?

I also am having to face the facts that I simply cannot do everything I want to do, or all the things I think I should do. So, as a corollary goal, I MUST streamline this month. Let go, be realistic, own up to things, let go of the pieces of life that aren't working for me. There is no other option and I'd rather be in control of this process than be crushed by it happening involuntarily.

In the two days I've had off, I've finished almost all my To Dos, which is an amazing feeling. Now I just need to get caught up on BB comments so I can relax.

HOW AMAZING IS JARED AND MISHA'S PRANK WAR! These boys, I swear! *throws up hands* Though I tell you what...it must be nice to be so casual about passing around $2000 in extraneous cash. Anytime anyone wants to donate dump that in my living room? I WILL TAKE IT.

OK, I don't know why this whole post sounds crabby. I'm not crabby! *crosses heart* I actually feel quite full of fandom love today! ♥

P.S. This icon makes me happy!

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