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Oohhhh dear. I typed three (THREE!) comments to three separate posts and then didn't hit enter at the last second because "do not engage, too aggressive" was on a loop in my brain. What's up with that LJ?

I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR TODAY!! I'm spending eight hours in the Youth Center. First! At 9 a.m. the assistant manager and I are taking fourty (!!) Boy Scouts on a tour and then we're doing a book-talk with them. I can't wait! The AM says my excitement will fade quickly, haha, but I've never done this before and I find it really cool that we get to introduce the library to all these kids and read them stories and play games and stuff.

AND THEN! There are DOGS coming! It has something-or-other to do with tutoring and I've yet to really make the connection, but *handwave* whatever. There are going to be FOUR DOGS in the Youth Center this afternoon, and I was assured I could pet on all of them and rub ears to my heart's content.

Now come on, isn't that a cool way to spend the day?

P.S. I was just reading the lyrics to Katy Perry's ET and they are crazycakes. Someone got PAID for that! How does she have a career?

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