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I read two good books lately and wanted to tell you about them!

The first was just a cute, quick read called The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman. It's about a girl who starts working at a library. But, instead of books the library checks out magical objects. Predictably, both chaos and adventures ensue. It's a fun read!

The second book was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. The basic plot is that Anna gets sent to boarding school in Paris and falls in love with a popular boy. (J2 AU, what?)

To be honest, that plot never is my favorite in YA books. So please know it means something when I say this is the best book I have read in quite some time. What I love most about it was the character of Anna. She was a complex, and complete character, all on her own. No make-overs, no wacky stunts, no Learning A Dramatic Lesson...it was just Anna, finding her way. She's smart, she's funny, lots of boys like her, she makes friends easily...see what I'm talking about? She's like an actual person! And sure, stuff happens and she does grow and evolve over the course of the novel, but never at any point did Anna become a parody or a comedic dumping ground, or a secondary citizen in her own story.

The other characters also are excellent. The object of Anna's affection totally made me fall in love with him too. And when he frustrated Anna, he frustrated me too. Also, boarding school always is fun to read about! Plus! PARIS! The food and the sightseeing and the romance -- it was spectacular.

Also among the things I adore is that Stephanie Perkins used to be a librarian. And she has blue streaks in her hair. And John Green recced her book on Twitter. And, on her acknowledgment page, her thank you to her husband ends with this sentence: "Thank you for being you, because you are my favorite."

Awesome book, I loved it.

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