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SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Paley tweets and texts and pictures are making me SO HAPPY. It's been a long, long day and just...I needed that infusion of love y'all. *draws big, sparkly hearts*

I haven't done a personal update in a long time, so I'm just gonna brain dump real fast.

Still enjoying working at the library. It's so interesting to me. All the other temps are bitter and put out and I'm all just *twirlflail*. I sincerely look forward every morning to going to work, which is pretty cool. And I'm bonding well with the Children's staff too. One of them told me today that I'm like the child of divorce because I have to split my time between two families. She is not wrong!

Pretty sure my laptop has a virus. I've run a scan on it multiple times and it keeps on pulling stuff, but I guess it's just replicating faster. I really don't want to pay to have it cleaned right now, but I guess I'm going to have to eventually.

Addison's fourth birthday is this week and I don't get to see her. :( My brother was supposed to bring the kids here to visit for Spring Break (this week) but decided at the last minute to go visit his best friend in Corpus instead. He has not been back here one time to visit since he moved last July. I'm kind of getting bitter about it honestly.

annkiri and I had a good visit. We ate and watched some Burn Notice and laughed and had a good time. I was not feeling great and was pretty draggy, but she seems to have forgiven me. :)

Made homemade pizza for dinner tonight (from scratch crust and sauce) and it was really yum. I have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow, which is just a cooking bonus. Next, I think I'm going to try cheese enchiladas.

I saw the doctor last week and he did give me a diagnosis. So I've started on some medicine (the side effects are killer so hopefully that part wears off soon), and will do some physical therapy-type stuff in the next few weeks. Hopefully all of this will combine to improve the quality of my life somewhat. (Not meaning to be vague or dramatic here, everything is fine. I'm just too lazy to type it all out.)

I think maybe I'm at the end of the news here...did I miss talking about anything you desperately need to know??

In conclusion: Boys in matching suits. ♥

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