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April showers

I kicked butt on my March goals! GO ME. After failing so bad in February, it's nice to be feeling good about myself again.

For April, I meant to scale back a little but it didn't seem to happen. Cross your fingers for me!

1. Continue creative job searching for a full-time, permanent spot.

2. Complete: four in-person teacher classes, two online teacher classes, and 20 hours of my field-based experience.
In-person: April 2, April 9, April 12, April 30
Online: April 2, April 2
FBE: twenty hours

3. Register for my teacher certification test.

4. Email YWLA about a possible visit.

5. Make the most of my time at the library. Learn new things. Look for opportunities to take on new projects and responsibilities. Look for ways to be creative. Look for projects I can talk about in interviews.

6. Say thank you as much as possible. Write thank you notes. Reach out to people. Make my gratitude, for things both big and small, known.

7. File mattress claim.

8. Do something fun and just for me.

9. Stop being so passive-aggressive on Twitter. Just walk away, unfollow, breathe. I control my experience there, so make it a good one. Also, refuse to follow people whose only purpose is being bitchy.

10. Get everything ready for Big Bang claims. *whimper*

And that's it y'all! I'm exhausted just thinking about this month. But, I'm determined to make the most of every day, so...here we go!
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