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I wanted to do an update because I haven't in a long time, buuuut...I still have nothing to update about.

I did have a major thing happen today and it went very well, but I'm not ready to talk about it yet. More later, promise!

Work still is going well, I still love it. I was in adult for three straight days, which is a little wearing, but I made it!

Just four teacher classes left, and two days of observation/student teaching/volunteering/whatever you'd prefer to call it, and then I will be ALL DONE with everything but my certification test. That will be such a relief! The classes are interesting but it's getting old trying to wedge them in around working full time too.

My parents are going to visit Addison and Drew next week and once again, I am not. It's KILLING me.

Having some health struggles still, but what can you do? Met with the doctor this morning and she gave me some new ideas. Frustrating, but I'm just trying to get through one day at a time on that front.

I have Friday off and I am planning to stay in PJs all day! I have a ton of housework that needs to be done and I want to do some cooking. But no leaving the house will occur. I cannot wait!

Am reading an original slash story that I'm enjoying a lot, also reading a non-fiction book that I'm enjoying a lot. Oh, and I have a list of fic to read on Friday too. I MISS JARED AND JENSEN. They aren't on my TV, they aren't in my reading...I think they're hiding. I NEED THEM BACK PLEASE.

Aaaaaand, I guess that's all I've got for now!
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