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Sunday Recs: Two J2 + Icons + Misc.

Today there is going to be this big puppet exhibition at the library including make-your-own, and live performances, and all kinds of fun things. We're expecting approximately ONE BILLION people, so I'm expecting a stressful day. (Sometime I will make a rant about people who set their children loose in a public place and then walk away.) After, my parents are taking me out for a fancy dinner to celebrate my new job. WOO.

In the meantime, recs!

  • An Instrument of Justice by obstinatrix -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,000 words) -- Jensen has something of a reputation for getting people off. (Lawyer fic!!)

  • Overheard by mistyzeo -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,300 words) -- Jared's been crushing on Jensen for ages, but he tries to keep a respectful distance because it's not his place. Still, when Jensen brings a girl home from a bar, Jared can't help listening in. Naturally, it's a trap.

  • Cool CW RP icons by cha.

  • Also, check out this AMAZINGLY COOL leprechaun trap cake. There's a rainbow in the middle...A RAINBOW IN THE MIDDLE OF A CAKE! It's genius. I want one! Leprechaun Trap Cake (with rainbow!!)

    Happy Sunday y'all!

    ETA: I almost forgot!! I'm looking for "Sam's Kind of Librarian" icons or "Librarians wear clothes (presumably)" or...anything at all related to that part of Friday's episode. Have you guys seen any or feel inspired? *puppy eyes*
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