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Boring story is boring, BUT! Last November I bought a purse at Kohls. You have to understand, I never pay full price for anything, so for me to buy a new, not-on-sale purse...it was slightly traumatic. The purse wasn't anything super extraordinary, but I really loved it.

Anyway, a few weeks ago the zipper broke. I wept. I went to Sam Moon and bought a new purse (also full price, but very cheap). I decided I pretty much hated it, which was handy because after about ten days, the handle broke.

(I feel the need to note now that NONE of my thrift store, super cheap-o purses EVER have broken, except for the one shoulder bag I carried until the threads literally wore out of the strap.)

ANYWAY. I need a new one ASAP and have been looking everywhere but I pretty much hate everything. I decided to look and see if the original purse I loved still was available.

And it is...sort of.

I always carry black purses, I like black purses, please do not try to dissuade me on this point.

It's available in lime green and in silver.

...should I? And if so...which?

Should I wait and keep looking?


Third world problem, I know. But I have no fashion sense, which makes this a HARD decision. It'd also be great to stop wasting money, you know? School me LJ!
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