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she's different, so you have to be different

When you're really excited about something, why is there always someone who wants to stomp on it?

Had a great first day yesterday. I really like my manager and I love the work. Lots of opportunities to be creative and to do my own thing.

The branch is small, there only are about 15 employees total. They've all been together since the branch opened last year and are a tight bunch. I feel I may have trouble wiggling my way in, but I WILL GET IN. Even if I have to bribe every single one with cookies!

Today is my late night, always fun in the morning and torture in the evening, so...off I go!

Be nice to each other today, yeah?

P.S. I want to see your icons from the Western episode. SHOW ME. (Bonus stars to any "giant from the future" references!)
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