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don't underestimate the things that I will do

Between new job, class and Big Bang...I have read almost no fic this week. It's SAD! Have you read anything awesome that you'd like to rec to me? *grabby hands*

I do have a couple of non-fandom (WHAT) things to show you though:

  • Awesome Childhood Memories: This blogger asked people to share their fave childhood memories and they are amazing and I maybe teared up a few times while reading. Have a look-see when you need a mood lift, it's awesome.

  • Sketchbook Project: This is the coolest thing! You send in $25 and they send you a sketchbook, which you then spend a year filling. You send it back and the sketchbooks go on TOUR. So neat! I'm not even artistic and I'm thinking about getting one so I can fill it with collages and quotes and such. Just reading the site makes me feel inspired!

    Super big thanks to weesta and to anon for the awesome tin hats. Every fangirl needs one (or twelve)!

    Good luck to everyone trying to jam through the last bits of their Big Bang draft...see you on the flip side!
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