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kids today!

This is a sign Addison made and insisted my brother hang on her bedroom door.

In case you don't read three-year-old, it says "STAY OUT DREW."

The whole thing makes me smugly proud. Big sisters unite!!!

I had an awesome day at work. There are a group of young kids who come in every afternoon and their parents completely ignore their very existence. As a result, the kids act like hellions. (One of them is the kid I tweeted about seeing get slapped.) Anyway, in general they are good kids. They're articulate and well dressed, they're clean and fed and can follow direct orders. I suppose if my parents pretended I didn't exist I'd probably act a riot too.


I've been trying to make friends with them, you know, to get them on my side so they will behave. It's been slow going. Finally I decided I needed to come up with an activity. So when the mom and her set of kids arrived (it's two separate families), I pulled the most misbehavingest one aside and asked if I could read her a story. I made her pick it out and then we sat right down on the carpet in the kids section and I read to her. She was ENTRANCED. She begged for a second story, so I read that too. She asked for a third story but alas, I really had to go back to work. (I'm was the only librarian on the floor so there was no one else there to help other people.)

Her older sister came over and asked if she could read instead. I said sure! By then the father and his brood had come in too. All eight kids sat there on the carpet, taking turns and reading books out loud to each other...FOR TWO HOURS. It was amazing! Literally amazing!

And then first one I read to hugged me good bye! And! Her mom asked me several questions (she has not previously acknowledged my existence either) AND thanked me for reading to her kids. CRAZYTIME! I couldn't believe it!

Just goes to show y'all, it just goes to show.

Then, I came home and ate warm goat cheese and olive oil on homemade bread and watched bad TV and then I took an awesome and relaxing shower and now I am going to go to bed and read. (I meant to work on the Big Bang schedule tonight but...whoops! I'll start it tomorrow, promise.)

Good night you guys! *hugs everyone lots*
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