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Hi Friends. I am so, so very tired. I still am loving my job. There were 40 people at this week's story time! Exciting! Today I worked at a different branch (so I can have Saturday off for my last teacher class) and it also was fun. Most of the population was Hispanic (my Spanish repertoire consists entirely of: caminar, por favor and necesita ayuda?) and elementary school age. The library is directly across the street from the school so all the kids came over after and I got to help Every. Single. One. research a report. (Half were studying birds, the other half were doing major US cities.) There were so many kids there that part of the closing announcements actually included a reminder to call for a ride home.

Most of my non-work time has been taken up by working on Big Bang stuff. The schedule FINALLY is done, so that'll get posted tomorrow morning.

I've been struggling this week with a bout of loneliness. I'm very rarely actually lonely. It's just not an emotion I dwell in. And yet, all week...lonely. And today my parents left for a wedding in Wichita and will be gone for a week, so it's like I'm in complete isolation or something. I don't know. It's a lame way to feel. I'm trying to work through it, but still...

New and varied health issues continue to make life challenging as well.

I have read virtually no LJ in two or three days. Apologies if I missed anything important or fun or awesome. I'd love links if there's anything you want to share.

Y'all this post sounds so depressing. I'm not depressed! I'm just tired. And now I'm going to shower and lie in bed and read and relax. Tomorrow is a new day, can't wait to see what it brings!
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