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I want your lovin right next to me

So! The SPN finale is tonight! VERY EXCITING! Two hours!! (Are there over-under odds on Sam getting shirtless? It's really all I require.) I loooove spoilers yet sadly know every few for tonight's shows. BOO.

Also, not sure when I will get to watch them. Perhaps around midnight? SIGH. I do not understand why I am unable to get a grip on my life lately. I need 48 hour days, please!

I have a favor to ask...there are a bazillion fic challenges and comment memes and cool things going on. I want to pimp but haven't been able to. Will you guys pimp EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS in comments? That way, I can catch up and other people can see the cool things you're doing too! It'll be FUN, trust me!

(And if you wanted to throw in some pretty Jared and Jensen pics just because, that'd be ok too!)

*makes grabby hands*
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