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deep in the heart of Texas

Had huge hail and high winds last night but all the tornadoes missed me. I hear there was major damages in the town I live but all I can see from my window is a downed fence. We'll see how things look when I leave for work in a few minutes and drive through the actual town.

Another bad weather side effect was that satellite went out (haaaate) and I missed the finales of both Glee and The Biggest Loser. Glee is downloading as I type but I'm really bummed about TBL. I was really invested in this season and it was an all-girl finale and I wanted to watch!! *pout*

Somehow the fast-forward button on my life is stuck. Everything is moving So. Fast. 0_0

Y'all, I am so boring since I started working. I have nothing to update about, NOTHING! It's kinda sad!
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