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I didn't make goals for May because I figured starting a new job was enough to deal with. And I'm not going to make goals for June either. But! I have a zillion things to look forward to and I am very excited for June. Here's why:

  • annkiri is coming to visit. In addition to our normal shenanigans, she is taking my family to see an opera!

  • I am seeing the dentist, gyno and eye doctor -- all covered by my new insurance!

  • phaballa and possibly why_me_why_not also are visiting! We will be seeing NKOTBSB (am I missing a B in there??) in concert and, I suspect, drinking a lot of coffee.

  • My brother supposedly is planning to bring Addison and Drew to visit for a few days! (They've planned to come a few times before and my brother always cancels at the last second, so I'm trying not to get too excited. But since he's out of school and my sis-in-law is working...chances are higher that he'll want help with the kids. Newsflash: I WILL TAKE THEM.)

  • I am taking my teacher test! (Guess I really should start studying for that, huh?)

  • I am going to attempt making homemade frozen yogurt pops! Also, pancake muffins! And, other TBD food experiments!

  • Big Bang posting begins!!

  • I have not been to the movies since December but summer movies are starting! I am determined to see at least a few. DETERMINED!

  • June is Father's Day AND my Mom's birthday!

    YAY FOR JUNE!!!! The only thing I can think of to improve that list is seeing Jared's dimples. Maybe I'll make a picspam. *grin* I also have an idea for a music mix, we'll see if I can get it done.

    Happy Friday y'all!
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