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you will get the hang of it, I know it

  • Yesterday I got to have margaritas with annkiri! And then we went SHOPPING! And then we drooled on Michael Weston! It was amazing.

  • Today was my first Summer Reading special program! We had 55 people attend, which is AWESOME and the program was AMAZING and it was all just very successful and happy-making.

  • There were ZERO fights over the pre-k computers today! YAY! Although an unattended three-or-four-year-old did wet his pants because he didn't want to leave the computer long enough to walk 15 steps to the bathroom. (True facts, I was so pissed that I illegally booted his father off his computer so they'd have to leave. *whistles innocently*)

  • The assistant children's manager at Central, who I LOVE, asked me to go to lunch with her next week! I am very excited!

  • mkay9 FOUND the hair stylist we loved and lost. She found her! SHE FOOOOUUNNDD HER!

  • fromcainwthlove wrote follow up fic to her scorching hot blindfold fic about J2 having sex in front of a mirror. The follow up is A Hands-Off Approach, and it also is STELLAR.

  • Managed to wrap up all the pending BB stuff, load the dishwasher, pack my lunch for tomorrow, AND renew all my prescriptions this evening.

  • I love this incredible video of a boy giving life advice. I mean, just...please. Trust me. Take 55 seconds and watch it and you will be so glad you did!

  • Tomorrow we are going to see the Mikado at Bass Hall!

  • I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow and then, I get to sleep in on Sunday. YES!
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