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and maybe, you're gonna be the one who saves me

Just read an LJ entry that made me furious. And, of course, comments were turned off. Now I have displaced rage! I can't respond AND SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET. *shakes fist*

Also ran across another fic yesterday where Jensen was perfect and Jared was written as an idiot. I mean, it could have been any OMC with no social skills and the inability to express himself, or whatever. It annoys me! Writing Jared as stupid (not literally unintelligent) doesn't make Jensen look better. It just makes the writer look silly. IMO. *shakes fist more*

What is annoying YOU today?

Last night for dinner, I had fresh baked bread (still hot from the oven) with a slice of cheddar cheese and it was SO YUM.

Got not one but TWO unpleasant chores done yesterday and I am proud of myself and pleased that they are doooone.

Today I am going to reorganize and re-shelve the entire sixth through eighth grade section of books at my library. I know this doesn't SOUND exciting, but it is! I can't wait to have everything fixed the way I want it and I think it will help people find things and...yes. Happiness!

What is making YOU happy today?
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