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The concert last night was AMAZING. Seriously the best show I've been to in recent memory. If they were doing it again tonight, I would happily see it again. When Donnie Wahlberg ripped his tank top in half, I screamed just like I did when I was 16. And don't even get me started on the new and improved "I really love your tattoos" line in Covergirl. I LOVE YOURS TOOOOO DONNIE!

And Nick Carter! In person! Now I want to reread every Nick Carter fic topaz119 ever wrote. (By which, I really mean Something So Right because...well. It's amazing!)

Oh boybands. Sometimes I forget, but you always hold my true heart.

Seriously, concert of a lifetime. LOVE! I so, so, soooooooo wish they'd release a DVD of this concert series. SO GOOD.

(P.S. I finally have the TV sitch squared away at home. Still no computer though. Please keep bearing with me.)
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