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turn my sorrow into treasured gold

Yesterday was story time and we made American flags out of construction paper. I specifically asked the moms to let their kids lead the project and some of them actually listened, and the results were AMAZING. I will never not be impressed by little kids being super creative. The things that come out of their brains are AMAZING. Love it!!

I think I've become addicted to blueberry muffins. Who knew?

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm seeing the dentist and having dinner with a library buddy. Not sure what I'll do in-between. I may do some exploring and I also want to paint my fingernails and toenails. I'm thinking....glitter red. Thoughts?

Wish I had more to share. *waves hands around* Anything you feel a burning need to discuss? Let's talk! *chin in hand*

P.S. What's the code/link to view your LJ list without communities? I used to know this! I love my new computer but I miss my bookmarks from the old one!!

P.P.S. SEASON SEVEN FILMING STARTS TODAY! I find this very exciting!
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