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I might take you home with me, if I could tonight

I have had another great day! Got lots of away-from-home stuff accomplished. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm nearly drowning under not completed at-home stuff, but whatever...LALALA.

Got up early, which kind of stunk. Took the dogs to a new vet/kennel/groomer (this would be the THIRD I've tried since moving here) and I instantly liked them. Dropped the pups off to be bathed and headed straight to Starbucks, where I treated myself to a latte since I had to wake up early on my day off.

Then, I drove into Coppell and got my car washed. There was an AWESOME full service car wash there that I loved and I've not yet been able to find anything comparable in my new town. Unfortunately, they've changed management and I wasn't thrilled with the cost or the wash, so I feel better about never going back, haha.

Then I went by my faaaavorite thrift store where I bought a zillion things including a throw pillow made from the exact same weird green colored fabric as my couch, two sarcastic librarian t-shirts, two San Antonio t-shirts, a HUGE Corelle baking dish with a lid that has the same pattern as the dishes my mom used when I was little, and a while slew of other awesome things. HAPPINESS.

This part was less fun: One of the things I bought was a plate with a cupcake painted in the middle. The cashier asked if it was for my granddaughter. MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!!! I fully embrace my age and I embrace being no movie star beauty but...granddaughter??? It kind of hurt, to be honest.

I left there and went into Irving for my six month LASIK check-up. Everything was ok-ish. I told the receptionist and assistant (who I know very well) about the granddaughter story and they were laughing and teasing me. (Me: I have a new insurance card. Receptionist: Is it Medicare?) I really love them there.

THEN! I drove back into Coppell, picked up mandyremains and we ensconced ourselves at Local Diner for french toast despite it being 1 p.m. We had the BEST time and talked about everything and laughed so much and just had tons of fun. It was a GREAT time. Then, we wandered through Tuesday Morning but bought nothing.

Sadly, I had to leave after that. Came back home and picked up Max and Val who are all shiny and non-dog smelling, so I'm calling that a win too. WOOHOO. Val already has eaten her dinner but Max is too exhausted to even try. Awwwwww.

*flops* Awesome days are awesome, but also exhausting. Love y'all!
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