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for all we know we might not get tomorrow

Yesterday was the epitome (have I ever told you guys my Shia LaBeouf "epitome" story?) of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I was cranky all day, my presenters were 20 minutes late and then rude to me about it, a co-worker made me so furious I literally had to leave the room and collect myself, etc., etc., etc.

AND SO. I am determined that today will be better. I will smile winningly at everyone in the world. I will listen to cheesy pop music in my car. I will google pictures of puppies and gaze at them whenever I feel annoyed. ALL WILL BE WELL.

I've pretty much decided to ditch Netflix. I was thinking about it anyway, even before they doubled the price, that's just the last straw for me, I think. I can get DVDs FOR FREE from the library, and I can get ten at one time (though I never do that). Maybe I'll keep streaming for a month or two, just in case. But I've already had it since Christmas and managed to use streaming exactly twice, once only for ten minutes before I decided the movie sucked and turned it off. What are the rest of you doing about this situation? (P.S. Go to the library!!)

How often do you restart your computer? My old one froze constantly and I pretty much got into the habit of restarting it whenever I used it, it was just easier and seemed about the only way to make it work. Now I have this new one and I don't know anymore. Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? Never? Always? I don't know! HELP?

I have read exactly zero Blindfold fills this round! It is SAD. If you have any awesome (and dirty) J2 recs, I'd love a link to your faves!

I am craving homemade cheese enchiladas and fajitas and a big pitcher of tangy margaritas. I want to make that. I think you all should come over for dinner so we can feast. No seriously....come over for dinner. Any time, I want you to!

Time for more tea and my morning blueberry muffin and then onto work. If you wanted to tell me happy things or make happy lists or spam me with pretty pictures or fun things, or just say hi...it'd be appreciated. One amazing day, coming right up...LET'S DO THIS.

P.S. I am literally waffling between two icons and can't decide and thus can't post and AHHHH. Why is this sometimes so hard? Does this happen to other people too??? I must know!
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