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I'm in pieces, baby fix me

Oooohhh it has been years months days since I last posted and I have no idea what has happened in the meantime. Lately I feel a lot like the fast forward button on my life is stuck. *shakes remote* I would prefer time to pass at a normal speed, please!

Addison and Drew are spending the week with my parents and I got to spend all day yesterday with them. We had so much fun! Addison has come right through her tough years and now is just an adorable, sweet little girl who loves to play and laugh. If I could just break her from whining about everything she wants to buy in Target, we'd be golden!

Drew, however, has just entered his tough times and is a handful. He was a really quiet baby but he sure knows his mind now! I love getting to see his personality emerging from behind the baby haze. He's amazing.

Addison wanted something or another while we were sitting at the table, and I told her "Say please, please." She piped right up, "PLEASE, PLEASE!" Adorable. She makes my LIFE.

I also wanted to write down (and thus remember) a funny work story...there is a pack of pre-teen boys who come into the library and hang out all day every day playing video games on the computers. They are WILD and drive me NUTS. But, let's face it, I'm mostly a softie so they get away with basically everything. But the one thing my manager will NOT stand for is bad language. So, if they get riled up and start cursing, I make them leave. The other day I heard one of them getting more and more wound up as he was playing a game and finally he just hollered out, "I am over this! Just...fudge it. FUDGE IT FUDGE IT FUDGE IT!!!!"

I had to hide my face because I was laughing so hard.

Of course, a day later that same kid got into a fight and I made him leave and his mom called to complain that I banned her son for the afternoon, so! Clearly he has a tough road both behind and ahead of him.

In July I did an email project where I asked you guys to let me email you sometime during the month. I ended up sending 62 over the course of July. It was SO FUN. I got to check in with old pals and also meet totally new ones. I got to learn new things and talk to people, I got to tell stories about myself and also to make sure people know what they mean to me. It was really a blast and I definitely will do it again sometime.

Despite all that though, I feel really disconnected from LJ and fandom at the moment. Not sure why. It's an outside-the-circle week, for sure. Blah.

Today is my appreciation party for my co-workers. I've mostly convinced myself that they'll think it's lame but it's being done with love and thankfulness and that's all I can do. Remind me sometime to share the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake recipe and also the awesome cookie dough frosting I made -- it is DIVINE.

Happy Monday y'all.
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