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So the state is having a literal meltdown over the heat and the amount of electricity people are using to, you know, stay alive. They have asked people to try and save energy and turn up their thermostats, etc. Since I work for the city (who controls our AC), they non-conned our air and it is burning hot in this building and there are a million people here. WHO THINKS THIS IS A POSITIVE IDEA? Gah! *wipes sweat*

Yesterday I checked two seasons of Gilmore Girls out to a lady and told her she'd made a good choice because my TV boyfriend was on the show. Then, this happened:

Her: Who is it?
Me: Jared Padalecki.
Her: Which one is he?
Me: The boyfriend, Dean.
Her: Oh! The guy who owns the diner?

And then I had to confess that no, I did not mean adult Luke, I meant the child boyfriend. *shame*

Some other random things I would like to complain about:

  • The child who is sitting five feet away from me and thisclose to ripping up a book while his mom talks on her cell phone.

  • In the mornings, we cannot enter the building until the manager or assistant manager turns off the alarm. Yet every single day, I am the first person here and if either of them arrives prior to 8:59, it is a MIRACLE. Since I we all have to sit there and wait, it is beyond my understanding why they can't manage to be here at ten 'til.

  • Addison and Drew are leaving tomorrow. :(

  • I forgot my parent's anniversary yesterday. Worst. Child. Ever.

  • Can't sleep. Ever.

  • New Twitter. HATE. What is the point of having a huge sidebar that takes up half the screen? It makes the type tiny and half the layout totally is wasted. DUMB.

  • Am reading a book that people have been freaking out about and...it's lame. Interesting concept, poor execution. This makes me especially cranky for some reason.

  • People who refuse to communicate except via Twitter. If you literally cannot think in more than 140 characters at a time? That's a problem. Do not defend it, you will not sway me.

  • BB authors and artists who refuse to respond to email. WHY.


  • Oh, now that kid is rubbing chocolate milk on the pages. WHY WHY WHY.

    OK, your turn. What's on your mind? Tell me!
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