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get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound

Today I have been having a catch up day. I picked up the house, have done scores of laundry, paid bills, picked up my new retainer, got groceries (yes, again), made bread, made homemade granola bars (that look more like bar cookies, it amuses me that they were presented as something healthy), made EPIC nachos, made Friday dinner plans, and now I am back in PJs with three hours to spend relaxing.

This situation of having split days off SUCKS. I'm having a really difficult time adjusting. But people do it all the time, I know I can figure it out!

Heard from yet another buddy that they aren't planning to go to WinCon. I'm crushed. And in denial. If you ARE planning to go (or even just considering), holler at me so we can GET EXCITED.

Y'all tell me what you're up to. Let's CHAT.
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