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You smile, I smile

Every now and again I'll think "that'd make a good LJ post" and then I forget whatever it was. So today I wrote down whatever it was whenever I thought of it.

Here it is:

  • Been thinking about the term "family business." Particularly the emphasis on "family." Not our business, or what we've always done, but our family's work. The family business. Get back to that boys.

  • Can't believe Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are going to have a third baby. I love them and their family unit so much! There is just something so amazing about seeing this happy family that I love.

  • Going to the grocery store Thursday, so I need to decide before then what I want to have for my lunches next week. (I pack them all at once.) Nothing sounds good though. This is a problem!

  • Got a virus on my computer at work. The IT guy fixed it by deleting my entire profile and starting a new one. Which means I lost all my bookmarks, including all the food blogs I look at and all the story time resources it has taken me six months to gather. BLAH.

  • SCHMOOP. I want it!

  • Check out missyjack's post about Superwiki's fifth birthday. The Superwiki is such an amazing resource and such a labor of love (and pain too, I suspect). I'm so grateful to everyone who works on it. Go tell them you are too!

  • Jared in a stripper movie? I'd watch that!

  • Worked ten hours of overtime this pay period. This is significant when you consider the fact that my branch is only open 80 hours and I already worked all of them on a normal schedule. That's ten hours I found a way to cram in through total other means. Kind of crazy, actually. P.S. Wincon better be freaking worth it.

  • On the other hand, today I made paper airplanes with children and got paid for it.

  • She's indecisive/She can't decide...best lyrics ever, y/y?

    Thus ends my completely random and scattered thoughts. *bows*
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