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I don't need to try to control you, look into my eyes and I'll own you

I love my job. Just today someone said something about being tired of life and tired of the job and I was all....OH NO. I will never, ever be tired of this job, I was unemployed for far too long!

And I mean that.

But all the same, it's been challenging. My boss is on my last nerve. I adore her and I'm not sure why everything is rubbing me wrong, but it is. Also, she and I are very much alike (we both have acknowledged this) so every time I get annoyed with her, I then think OH CRAP, DO I DO THAT TOO??

Monday morning we had a staff meeting and she sort of made fun of me, which is very, very out of character for her. Everyone was just sitting there with their jaws dropped. And she did apologize later, which I appreciated and accepted. But it still weirdly shook my confidence.

Tomorrow I am working a twelve hour day. I know for many people that's nothing unusual, but it is VERY not normal for this job. The collection management team is coming to meet with the reference staff to basically tell us everything we're doing wrong. I'm pretty sure it's just going to be a four hour whipping. Also, one of the women coming HATES me for absolutely no known reason, so...it should be a great morning.

My manager spent all day (literally all day) rearranging the adult fiction section to match the CM standards. Which also infuriates me. We don't have it like that normally, what is the point of changing it for one day? We can't even get honest feedback if everything is different from the norm! I cleaned up the juvenile sections but I refused to rearrange all that stuff. No way. And the teen section? Lost cause. We'd have to double the space to even begin to be able to implement the CM plan and that is not happening, so...

ANYWAY. I know other people's work stories are boring and everyone skimming their flist bailed out after the first two sentences, but that's ok. I just needed to vent.

Here are five happy things:

1. Ate amazing cheese ravioli for dinner. It was delicious.
2. Finished an unpleasant thing that I promised other people I would do. I feel such relief!
3. VanCon stories and pics.
4. I raised my hand to wave at a kid today and he automatically high-fived me. I make all the kids high-five me all the time so I felt weirdly validated that he automatically played his part without coercion or instruction!
5. My favorite PJs are clean and waiting on the bathroom counter for me to go snuggle up in them, very soon.

The end.
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