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Today I got my hair cut and colored at a new place and she did an AWESOME job. I am super pleased. The color especially looks nice, I think. And, the price was half (literally half) of what I paid the last time I had my hair done.

While I was there, this young woman was next to me was getting bright purple streaks put in her hair. Man, I was so jealous!! I've been thinking more and more about doing that. It's cost prohibitive at the moment, but maybe some day. I said this to my mom and she asked if I didn't think I was maybe too old for that. I said no and she replied, "Good for you! It's so good to hear you say that!" Love my mom.

Have been feeling very much lately like I live my life in an invisible bubble. Whenever I start having these intense feelings, it usually means a depression is coming on. So, I'm doing my best to not isolate, which is my normal response. And also means that I expect to be harassing you all in the near future and demanding attention.

Here are some neat-o-frito links I've come across lately:

  • Boston Cream Pie French Toast: GUH. Just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water!

  • Could You Live Without Looking at Yourself? One Woman Swears Off Mirrors for a Year: Everyone who talks about this story always is so shocked and...almost offended. Very "I could NEVER do that!" I find that so interesting, for many reasons. Not the least of because I think I could do it EASY. I barely look in the mirror at all as it is.I just don't think it'd be that hard to give up, if I really wanted to. Which I DON'T, I'm just SAYING. (Though I fully admit I'd never do it over a time period including my wedding, which the woman in the article is doing.) She also has a blog: Mirror, Mirror...Off The Wall, and it's very interesting.

  • Rainbow Heart Layer Cake: I WANT ONE.

  • Melted Crayon Rainbow: I am absolutely ENTRANCED by this craft idea. On the one hand, I totally want to try it. On the other hand though...the whole thing strikes me as super wasteful and I'm not sure I can move past that. It is cool looking though, for sure.

  • Finding Time: I love Anne Lamott, she is totally one of my personal heroes.

    Anyone have big plans for the Labor Day weekend? I am super excited to have two days off...IN A ROW. The utter decadence is staggering!
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