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lately people got me all tied up

Today is my long day at work, oye! But I have a ton of projects to work on so hopefully time will go by.

Tomorrow is my day off and I have no plans. CRAZINESS. I know I need to grocery shop (for what, I have no idea) and get a purple t-shirt (long story) and maybe read some fic...but that's it! I cannot remember the last time I had an unplanned Thursday!

My parents have become addicted to Pawn Stars. Do any of you watch it? They had me watch a few episodes with them the other day and it is interesting. Very similar to Storage Wars. My only complaint about Pawn Stars is that there is an element of lying to the customer that rubs me wrong. But my parents were not fazed by that even a little, so! From the age of 12 to my mid-20's, my BFF's dad ran a pawn shop so it's been interesting to compare it to what I see on-screen. (Of course the small town he was in and LAS VEGAS have some obvious differences right off the bat!)

The new TV season is starting! What are you most looking forward to?

Y'all, I don't know what else to talk about, life proceeds at pace. What's up in your life?

OK, work stories. You may all begin skimming...NOW!

  • Saturday was our last infant story time. I had such a good experience with this class, I really enjoyed it! There was one little, adorable baby named Remy. For all four classes, her Dad brought her, alone. He was REALLY into the class and just clearly very in love with his little girl. Well, for the last class, he also showed up with GRANDPA in tow. (Who, by the way, ALSO was flipped out over the little one.) I just love that these two men brought this baby girl to infant story time and that their attention never wavered from her and...my heart grew three sizes that day. I even said to the grandfather how lucky Remy was to have family that loved her and wanted to be with her (he earlier had told me he'd had to fight Grandma to be the one to come!) and he just looked at me and said, "But that's how it's supposed to be, right?" Yes sir.

  • Yesterday I saw a Mom I know well sans her two kids. (One infant and then Anna is about four.) I commented that she was without the crew and she explained that Anna got in trouble and was being punished, and that part of her punishment was that she had to miss story time. Now, I know this is perverse, but I kind of like that missing story time is such a big deal that it can be used as a corrective measure. Coming to see me the library is a reward, yo!
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