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and if you listen you can hear me through the radio

1. I bought an adorable, short khaki jacket with belled sleeves. Can I wear it with black pants? (I only wear black pants at work.) Or, is that a weird color combo?

2. I went grocery shopping earlier and bought some individual serving containers of greek yogurt. The first two I opened were spoiled. The third was ok, but I fished to the back of the fridge where the ones I bought last week were hiding. (I bought five total at the store today.) So now I'm annoyed that two of the five, and possibly all five, are inedible. Is there any recourse for this? I rinsed the containers so I can't show the store spoiled yogurt. The cost for five unusable containers of yogurt is a lot for me to absorb and then replace. Thoughts?

3. I know there was a third thing I was going to post about but I CANNOT REMEMBER. Sigh.
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