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A: Oh, I marked you as spam. B: Who's Pam?

Would you believe I am about to head out to the orthodontist AGAIN?? What the heck, man? My retainer still doesn't fit right so they are going to make me yet another new one but they want to make new impressions first. UGH. Not my favorite thing.

In other news! I have become addicted to Community. ADDICTED. OMG. So funny. People said it was funny, but really? I did not believe. I WAS WRONG. SO FUNNY. I love it so, so much.

Is there a download anywhere for the season six SPN gag reel? What about that thing-with-the-thing about Jensen directing? *looks around with doe eyes*

Addison is in a pre-K program at my brother's school. Basically, it's free since he works there, and she rides to and from with him every day. So, it saves them day care money and she gets some education and structure, which in my humble opinion, is sorely needed. To be honest, it basically is a head start sort of program and she's sort of acing out of the class. They did educational evaluations last week and recommended that she skip kindergarten and go straight into first grade. I'm really hoping her parents choose not to do that, but still...pretty cool! When I say she's the smartest child alive, now I have actual PROOF!

Now, let's talk Wincon! Is anyone flying in around noon on Wednesday? I need shuttle buddies! I haaate this exercise of getting from the airport to the hotel (My kingdom for a location with a free shuttle, PLEASE)...so save me some stress and let me know if you'll be there then, ok? *more begging eyes*

Also, I am disappointed that no one yet has planned a trip that will result in beignets. I undoubtedly will be unable to GO, but I would like an option to EXIST. Unrelatedly, I also would like a beignet to appear in my hand. *holds out hand* Still empty. DRATS.

LASTLY, I have a bit of a headache, which happened to me the last time I went to the ortho too. I'm not stressed about it so surely that's not why? Weird. Maybe I am and just don't know it? HMM.

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