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two can make the light shine through

I loved seeing pictures of your favorite rooms, and what you have been eating,and the beautiful things you love outdoors, keep the pics coming!

I love to see other people's lives. So, all week I'm asking you to post pictures. They can be new ones you take just for this, or old ones already lounging on your hard drive. You can post them in comments here or in your own LJ. You can play on one day or on all five. You can post today's request on another day. The wheres and hows aren't as important as the sharing and conversation.

Today I want to see a picture of YOU! (This post isn't locked, please keep that in mind.) It could be an existing snapshot, you in the mirror, your pedicure, a signature piece of clothing....whatever. Or, you can post something completely different that you find picture-worthy about today. Your choice.

Show me!
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