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i had guards like watchdogs, dogs in a manger

I had a great time at my 20 year high school reunion last night! I am so very glad I went. I keep thinking about how to describe it and it's so hard! Everyone looked amazing -- as someone accurately mentioned, all the women looked exactly the same and all the men changed lots. Funny.

I saw old friends I've lost touch with, caught up with my secret HS crush (now married, alas!), talked with people I didn't remember but who remembered me, walked around to every table and forced even the popular kids to acknowledge my existence (oh yes!), got loads of drunken hugs, including two hot boys who figured out I was an easy mark and groped me every time we passed (which I encouraged, just so we're clear)...it was just tons of fun and a really great experience.

I'd love to see many of them again, I hope that happens. I don't want to lose touch with everyone for 20 more years!

Afterward, ofenjen followed me home and we stayed up well past midnight chatting. This morning we had breakfast at IHOP where we continued talking for literally hours more, it was so awesome to catch up. *holds on tight* I think we will have much continued hanging out in the future and this makes me very happy!

I did not take a single picture, but there was a photographer there so I'm hopeful those will be posted in the near-ish future.

*beams* I'm in a happy mood today. Yay for good nostalgia!
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