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how many torn photographs are you taping back

For once, being lazy pays off! I use Delicious as my To Be Read list, and nothing else, so I never tag anything and thus? It looks pretty much the same as always. I'm so sorry for everyone who lost their stuff, but I'm pretty darn happy that mine is a-ok. Also, maybe this will give me the needed nudge to actually READ and clear some of those links out? (HAHA, I'm funny.)

Looking for a new and addictive iphone game? Fruit Ninja. CANNOT STOP.

I haven't watched hardly any new TV but somehow did manage to catch both of the first two episodes of 2 Broke Girls. I was very prepared to dislike it but instead ended up LOVING it. The premise is very Rachel Green -- a rich girl loses all her money and ends up witnessing in a diner where she meets a surly and sarcastic chick, and they end up working and living together. Chaos ensues. But what I like is that though Max (the surly trope) is sarcastic and dark and HILARIOUS, the rich-girl-making-it-on-her-own gives just as good as she gets. Yeah, she's a punchline, but she's not ONLY a punchline. She manipulates and talks back and makes her own way...I don't know. I just think it's a good show.

I saw the SPN premier, of course, last night's Biggest Loser, the premier of Up All Night and the first Community. I literally have watched no other new shows. Kinda sad. There's just no tiiiime.

What's awesome that I'm missing? I'm probably DVRing it, so tell me before my DVR fills up and starts deleting things on it's own...

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now and just...literally out of time to do the things that need to be done, let alone the things I actually would LIKE to be doing...it's totally a "Life is Hard" Day. But I vow to like, I don't know, google pictures of Jared's dimples puppies or something until I feel better.

Going tomorrow to finally get my front bumper fixed. That has been such a stressful situation. I will be so, so glad when it's done, but being stuck without a car, and with my parents, for an entire day is not going to help my productivity issues.

Catch y'all on the flip side.
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