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I have been dreading today, I just had SO MUCH to get done and none of it was fun. But, despite Val waking me up by having a barking FIT at 6 a.m. (and, once I'm awake, I'm awake...that's it), the day ended up splendid.

Since I was moving earlier than planned, I went ahead and baked bread and blueberry muffins, which I eat every day and which the finding time to create from scratch was causing me stress. Two big chores knocked out before the sun was even up? Done and done!

I attempted to fiddle with LJ a bit and answered a ton of email. Then I jetted off to a new dermatologist. I basically wanted my existing prescriptions renewed by a new doctor, which can be dicey, but she totally went for it and had me in and out in less than 15 minutes. Also, the whole office was decorated in super cool antiques and the exam chair was an old fashioned barber chair (think Sweeney Todd) and I LOVED it.

Then I went 45 minutes away (no joke) to the auto body shop that was destined to fix my bumper. They screwed up last week by not ordering parts when they were meant to, so they tripped over each other to get it done quick today. I had anticipated spending HOURS in the waiting room but they literally had me out in 45 minutes.

THEN, I went to a place near my house to get my oil changed. I love this service station because the head guy is older, I'd guess early 70's and every one else who works there is barely legal, has dimples, and calls me ma'am. I LOVE IT. When I pulled up they mentioned they were short handed. I didn't mind because it was 1 p.m. and I had stopped to get Subway on the way and so I settled into the waiting room to eat my sandwich. As I swallowed my last bite the guy came in to say they were done. What the...!! I mentioned them being speedy, even while short staffed, and the guy scoffed and said all oil changes take less than 15 minutes, no matter how busy they are, always.

Thus why I love them.

So after that I took two pairs of pants to the dry cleaner to be hemmed. The also suspiciously teenage-looking gal behind the counter barely managed to get her cell phone call to hold while she helped me and then we floundered over the word "inseam", which I kept insisting she write on the ticket. She first wrote "insing" and when I corrected her, she wrote "insem". I gave up. Hopefully the sewing person can assume it's an inseam measurement. SIGH.

My last stop was at the grocery store where they had Laughing Cow cheese (which I also eat every day) on sale buy one get TWO free, amazing! It's expensive but that was an excellent deal, which makes me happy! I also had coupons for all my yogurt, which ALSO made me happy.

Then I came home and cleaned everything that exists and did laundry and now am pleased to see LJ is back up and I may...wait for it...READ A FIC! What is this MADNESS!

So, a potentially annoying day turned out awesome and I am pleased.

Now, tell me about YOUR day!

Also, go volunteer to work in the Roadhouse at Wincon or I will CRY.

The end!
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