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My flight was much delayed and it was late when I got home, and even later before I finished the J2 fic I started on the plane. And then today all the reference computers were down at work, which not only basically made it impossible to do my job, it also impeded my internet time. ARGH.

Wincon was insane with the awesome. It was just...all awesome, all the time. Possibly the best one yet, honestly. I met lots of amazing people, all of whom I hope will come by and say hi. Link me to your journals, your twitters, everything! Also, if you took any pictures at all, PLEASE SHARE.

In other random news, the house next door to me was abandoned nearly three years ago and has just been standing empty and full of trash. And now, there is a truck in the street and they are hauling junk out. So maybe they're finally getting it ready for living in again?

Also, what is the "normal" cost for getting a pair of jeans hemmed? I had two done before Wincon and just felt the price was outrageous. I'm short, everything has to be hemmed. But wow. Just curious what others shell out for this.

I don't even know y'all. I'm tired and hungry but feeling a bit like if I don't post, then I never will. Would that be sad, or a relief for you? *grin*

Better Wincon recap coming later. But! Wincon 2012? IS IN DALLAS. So, please begin making plans now to come and visit me. THANKS.

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